Free Hepatitis B Screening for Women under the ACA

The Affordable Care Act mandates that new insurance plans provide 19 free, preventive health services for women. In the past, many health plans covered some or all of these services, but they often required cost-sharing (e.g., copays). Now -- as long as these services are administered by a provider in your network -- they are free of charge. They do not incur copays or coinsurance, and are free whether or not you've met your annual deductible.

The following is a list of these services. Most are available to all women, but some do have eligibility requirements based on age or certain conditions such as pregnancy.

12. Hepatitis B screening
Like most other prenatal tests, hepatitis B screening is covered. Hepatitis B can be passed on to your child during birth. If you're a pregnant woman with hepatitis B, your baby will be provided two shots soon after birth to prevent him or her from acquiring hepatitis B.

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