CDC: Infection exposure possible at nontransplant anatomical donation center

The CDC is investigating possible occupational exposure to HIV, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis among workers at a human nontransplant anatomical donation center in Arizona.
The workers were preparing nontransplant anatomical materials that are used by universities and companies for medical education and research. Nontransplant anatomical centers process thousands of cadavers yearly, according to the MMWR report. The center in question may not have consistently implemented the standards set forth by the American Association of Tissue Banks for these donation organizations.

According to the CDC, and cadavers and nontransplant anatomical materials are considered infectious even if they are known to test negative for HIV, HBV and HCV. Bloodborne infections can be transmitted when the infectious material comes into contact with mucous membranes, nonintact skin or a percutaneous injury. M. tuberculosis can be transmitted by aerosols generated when manipulating the infectious tissues.


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