Responding to the escalating impact of viral hepatitis in Asia Pacific

INFOGRAPHIC: Viral hepatitis – one million lives lost

In July 2013, I wrote on this site about the story of one million lives lost.  It was a story that reflected the escalating impact of viral hepatitis in Asia Pacific; infections that we now know are associated with over one million deaths every year in the region.

The figures were a sobering reminder of the devastating impact these viruses have on the lives of people living in Asia Pacific, revealing for the first time that viral hepatitis causes three times as many deaths as HIV/AIDS and nine times as many deaths as malaria across the region.

In my last post, I wrote about the fact that we now have all the evidence we need to prove that viral hepatitis is an urgent public health priority in Asia.  That was true six months ago and it is certainly true today, as we study the gravity of the situation across individual countries, following the release of country mortality data (deaths from acute infection, as well as from cirrhosis and liver cancer related to chronic viral hepatitis infection) from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBDS).

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